Project Description:

SIAB Premium Club has a new modern 9th floor office space with unique meeting rooms in St. Petersburg

GI designed the new interior for a Russian private bank SIAB. SIAB had three objectives, to differentiate from a traditional ‘old-style’ bank, to provide exclusive customer service and employee comfort and satisfaction. As a result, the interior design was a part of a bigger branding project. When entering the office you will first arrive to a large lobby area where you will encounter a waiting area, café and an integrated feature fireplace within the glass wall. The café and lobby form a space that can hold up to 50 people for business lunches and presentations. It also provides an interactive video wall and the three touch screens. The various meeting rooms all have different and unique themes such as “Wine cellar”, “Chess”, “Golf” and “By the sea”. The “Wine cellar” room has a wall sized wine cabinet, “Chess” room has the chessboard squares painted on the floor and the “Golf” room has a green carpet with putting holes. The atmosphere in the meeting rooms changes, by altering lighting and sound system, depending on the meeting room agenda. In addition, the transparency of the glass walls can be adjusted and controlled by an iPad to add privacy if needed from clear to milky white.

Project Details: