Project Description:

Commvault helps companies protect, access and use their data anywhere, anytime. The Utrecht office offers training and sales support for The Netherlands and North Europe. The previous location was so old that clients were not received there.

We have helped Commvault in the transition from a traditional cell office to an activity related work environment. Creating a combination of non-personal work places and a few permanent work places.

The idea was to keep the area as light and quiet as possible; lots of outside contact, long lines of vision and a clear, readable zone. The tone of the office is fresh and simple. Light floors, walls and ceilings with here and there an accent in red, black or oak thus indicating a specific zone or function. A good balance between informal and an effective work environment is created.

On entering you are received by a receptionist and will be waiting in a comfortable and domestic setting. The training area is situated to the left of the entrance and has flexible divisions so that other kinds of meetings can take place. From the entrance zone you step into the Commvault Café. This is the meeting place of the company. Here you can drink coffee, play table football, catch up with your colleagues as well as being in attractive surroundings to deliberate or work.

The boardrooms form a buffer between the noisy café and the quiet work floor, both equipped for video conferencing. The table in the large boardroom is the eye catcher of the office. Inspired by the biggest annoyance of the Commvault employees: dangling wires under desks and conference tables.

The work floor is open and transparent. The closed areas between the open work areas ensure that there is an acoustic and visual buffer between the different groups/departments. The offices have all the facilities for consultations so that they also function as meeting areas and can be used by everyone.

Since Commvault has moved the attendance percentage has increased. Employees who previously preferred to work at home are now regularly to be found in the office! Clients are welcomed with pride, trainings are given with pleasure. The new offices contribute to connecting, solidarity and effectiveness.

Project Details: