Project Description:

Alma Media wanted to centralize operations under one roof.

Alma Media Corporation is a media group that publishes over 30 newspapers and operates in ten different countries. It is listed in the Helsinki Stock Exchange. GI Design & Architecture was commissioned for workplace development and the interior design of Alma Media’s new headquarters in central Helsinki. The objective was to centralize operations, improve cooperation and communication between business units, develop new ways of working, create a unified work culture and enhance space efficiency for 450 employees. Sustainable solutions play a central role on Gullstén-Inkinen’s design philosophy. In the beginning of the project, a goal was set that the building was to achieve a Gold LEED certificate. The spaces were planned as open as possible to improve co-operation and communication for the objectives that were set. The themes in the interior design vary from ice and coal to bright and strong colors.

Furniture manufacturers did not have suitable solutions for the quiet areas and as a result, GI designed the Into the Nordic Silence furniture collection. An essential design objective was that all solutions follow sustainable development principles.

Total area approximately 8 500 m²

Gullstén-Inkinen Design & Architecture

Project Details: