Project Description:

Located under a brick arch of the S-Bahn rail viaduct the two bartenders Sebastian Mathow and Torsten Bender made their dream of an own premium bar come true.

The room’s central element is the long oak counter. Here, the guests shall be enabled to dream themselves away from everyday life. Perfect drinks and their artful preparation are thus essential. So the interior designers created a counter with no physical demarcation to the guest. On the bartender’s side the floor level was raised by a pedestal so that the drinks are prepared on the guest’s level. Both areas are separated from one another only by different materials.

Muted black and brown tones dominate the room. Visiting the washing room, however promises a completely different visual experience: a black and white “dazzle” pattern inspired by British navy camouflage on every wall confuses briefly all senses.

The drywall-cube underneath the vaulted ceiling contains the restrooms, but also a storage and a cloakroom. By oak paneling and illuminated niches it appears as a stand-alone piece of furniture.

All used materials like brass, oiled oak and granite are natural and age in dignity, thus correspond to the timeless concept of the bar.

Project Details: