Project Description:

The project area north of the Bautzener Strasse in Berlin Schöneberg is positioned between late nineteenth century buildings and a large, partly obsolete area of rail tracks. It profits from a large amount of green spaces and parks as well as from wide spaces and long views over the railway land – quite untypical for an inner city location.

Our planning picks up these qualities and improves the surrounding area with a new spatial and aesthetic design. It contains primarily residential use with commercial areas at ground level and first floors. The masterplan refers to the typology of the neighbouring buildings, adopting similar heights, courtyards and the rugged block structure. The design is characterized by an interaction with the buildings south of Bautzener Strasse, their building volumes and public place situations on both sides of the road.

This results in varied but orderly arranged urban spaces. The building masses are designed to enable a variety of views through the development into the open space. Thus the extend of public space can be experienced and a smooth transition from the densely populated urban areas to the undeveloped spaces. The attractiveness of the new quarter is increased by the adjacent park, and its integration into the designed area.

In December 2015 the project was awarded the DGNB Platinum pre-certificate for its excellent ecological concept. Thus, it is now the highest rated new-built sustainable quarter in Germany:

Project Details: